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At the arrival at Kigali International Airport

SCIAF delegates in a working visit to Rwanda CEJP for shared projects

From this Saturday June 3rd,2023 four delegates from SCIAF are in a working visit in Rwanda for shared projects and partnership between CEJP and SCIAF.

The delegation is composed of Sarah SWAROOP, SCIAF Marketing and communication manager; Steve MCMANUS, SCIAF Fundraising manager; James CAVE, SCIAF content production officer; Colin HATTERSLEY, freelance Photography.

The reason of their visit apart from assess shared projects with CEJP, they will work on assessing the need of on the field for raising funds for future projects.

At Kigali International Airport, this guests received a warm welcome by the Secretary of CEJP Father Valens Niragire, together with other member of CEJP. For a sign of hospitality and friendship the visitors have been given a scarf having on one side the logo of CEJP and on the other side the logo of SCIAF.

After the welcome at the airport guest have been hosted to Sainte Famille Hotel. For the second day of their stay in Kigali, SCIAF members attended a Sunday mass in Saint Michel Kigali Cathedral and after met the staff of CEJP at NOBLEZA Hotel for official welcome. After the official welcome they paid a visit to Kigali Genoside Memorial to pay tribute to the victoms of 1994 Genoside against the Tutsi.

SCIAF work with CEJP especially in a project of fighting against sexual violence’s. The SCIAF members will visit different sites where this project is based.

Thw Secretary of CEJP welcomed the visitors at the Airport

Arrived at Sainte Fmille HotelAt the arrival in Sainte Famille Hotel in the city center

After the Mass at Saint Michael Kigali Cathedral

Official welcome at Nobleza Hotel

Visit to Kigali Genocide Memorial for honoring the victims of Genocide Against the Tutsi of 1994.

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