Sexual violence one of the threat to welfare of families in Rwanda

This issue has been raised in a workshop organized by CEJP on March 16 th, 2023 at Kimisagara Parish, where CEJP met a group of girls victim of sexual violence and early pregnancy.

Ms. Uwimana Therese, who is responsible for the implementation of the project to combat sexual violence in the Commission on Justice and Peace of Catholic Bishops in Rwanda, told Kinyamateka that this violence is one of the obstacles to the development and the welfare of the families today.

Hakizimana Jean Louis, in charge of the Commission of Justice and Peace in St Pierre Cyahafi Parish, told to Kinyamateka that Kimisagara sector is one of the most affected by the sexual violence in Kigali, where you find a big number of girls giving birth at a young age, most of them victim of rape.

Hakizimana Jean Louis said that the Parish Justice and Peace Commission took care of these girls to help them to heal from the wound caused by the violence they went through by accompanying them  and teaching them how to behave in their difficult situation.


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