CEJP is about to launch a three-year project to combat violence against women.

From June 20, 2023, the Commission for Justice and Peace in the Episcopal Conference of Rwanda organised a three-day training, to increase the capacity of those who will participate in the implementation of the three-year project on combating violence against women at work place and home. This project will be carried out in the dioceses of Gikongoro and Cyangugu from next year 2024.

Father Valens Niragire, the Secretary of the Justice and Peace Commission, at the beginning of this training, asked the participants to listen and follow all the lessons because it will help them to know better how to prepare this project, evaluate it and monitor it effectively and thus reach its goals.

Sister Umuyeyi Epiphanie, the coordinator of this project explained that the purpose of this training is to increase the capacity and knowledge of those working in projects in the Justice and Peace Commission and to inform those who will implement it, the priorities and goals to focus.

An expert in project planning, Sibomana Cyriaque, was the one who led this training where he explained how projects are planned, how they are implemented, how they are monitored and how reports are submitted. He reminded that these trainings are important for the smooth running of the projects.

“This kind of training helps employees to increase their capacitu and recognise their responsibilities in planning the project, evaluating, monitoring for good results of the project”, he said.

Cyriaque goes on to say that this kind of training prevents projects from being done as a routine, things that can affect the organization of the project. “This training helps to remember the principles governing projects including how the project is planned, how it is managed and how it is implemented for leaving positive transformations”, he adds.

The training was organized by the Commission for Justice and Peace (CEJP) with the support of the SCIAF and Secours Catholique.

It was attended by the staff of the Justice and Peace Commission, the chairpersons, coordinators, and those in charge of activities related to this project. It is planned that this project will start in January 2024.

Training on project for combating violence against women


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